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Lower Silver Creek #6Downstream (Silver Creek #5) Upstream (Silver Creek #7)
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 Images in center are Thermal Comparison images. Image on right is for Thermal Comparison imaging location in watershed.
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0406.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0409.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0412.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0415.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0418.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0421.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0424.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0427.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0430.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0433.JPG
  • ../images/silver/flir/sll0436.JPG
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