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The Web Site is designed to be used in conjunction with the Google Earth Desktop Application. If you have the latest version of Google Earth you can download the KMZ file for Silver Creek and use all the functions available in this web site. We will always be using the latest available updates for the mapping of Silver Creek.

Known Issues With Historical and Thermal Comparison Mapping

The known Compatibility issues with the comparison Mapping pages are mostly with older versions of Windows Explorer.
If you experience problems in Windows Explorer make certain you have the latest version of Explorer (Version 9 and above).
If you are having issues with Explorer 9 check the following
Please use 32 bit version
Open Browser
Open Tools
Click on Developer tools
In the top menu bar look for and make certain "Browser Mode" is set to Internet Explorer 9
Make certain Document Mode is set to Internet Explorer Standards (page default)
IE 11 Issue:
Run in compatability Mode
With other Browsers please make certain you have the latest versions installed.